Animal Based Card Trading Game

Creaturon Cards are animal-based trading, gaming and collectible cards which educate children ages 5 – 12 about the ecology and behavior of real-life animals, while also providing numerous gaming play opportunities. The cards are a perfect example of “camouflage teaching”, a term which explains the concept of providing information in a fun, easily accessible way, so that the “teaching” aspect is hard for little eyes to see. Creaturon Cards incorporate important ecological and species-specific data and can be played in several ways, from easy to challenging or used as excellent learning tools.

Meet Our Team

Creaturon was started in 2011 by sisters Kiera Newman and Meghan Obando. Their objective was to create a company which could produce games and toys that educated as much as they entertained, particularly on topics such as environment and conservation. Their combined backgrounds of science and education enabled them to quickly see the benefit of their expertise in a business setting and led them to create their first product, Creaturon Cards.

Kiera Newman
Kiera NewmanOwner, Creaturon Inc.
Owner and ecologist Kiera Newman is working towards a PhD in Ecology through the University of Guelph in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. She continues to write, speak, and teach on a spectrum of ecological topics including conservation, pollination, and the environment. She started Creaturon Inc to instill passion and understanding of biodiversity in children. In designing Creaturon cards, she wanted to promote information such as scientific name, conservation status and animal behavior, including attack and defense abilities. She believes that as children learn about animals and their habitats, they will be more likely to conserve and protect these valuable resources.
Wyatt Glancy
Wyatt GlancyProduct Development & Media
Wyatt Glancy is an experienced social media specialist. His expertise with both electronic gaming systems and trading cards makes him a perfect liaison between the worlds of entertainment and digital communication. He has extensive previous experience with the company, helping with the card format design and content. Wyatt wanted the cards to be fun, colorful and full of exciting information. He looks forward to moving the products and interactive components of Creaturon into new levels of engagement.

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