Animal-Based Educational Card Game

Creaturon Cards is an animal-based educational card game that teaches school-aged children about the ecosystem in a fun and engaging manner. These cards are a perfect example of “camouflage teaching”, a way to instruct with the “teaching” aspect hidden. Creaturon Cards incorporates important ecological and species-specific data and can be played in several ways, from easy to challenging or used as excellent learning tools.

How did we grow?

Creaturon Cards was started in 2011 by two sisters, Kiera and Meghan. Their objective was to produce interactive games that educate as much as they entertain with a focus on the environment and conservation. Their combined backgrounds in science and education led them to launch their first product, Creaturon Cards.

Kiera Newman HBSc. MSc. Ph.D. Candidate
Kiera Newman HBSc. MSc. Ph.D. CandidateOwner, Creaturon Inc.
Owner and ecologist, Kiera Newman is earning her Ph.D. in Ecology from the University of Guelph. She continues to write, speak, and teach at Niagara College on a spectrum of environmental topics including conservation, pollination, and the eco-system. She developed Creaturon Cards to ignite passion and understanding of biodiversity in school-aged children. By playing the game children learn the scientific names of creatures, their conservation status and their animal behaviour like attack and defence abilities. She believes that as children learn about animals and their habitats, they will be more likely to conserve and protect these valuable resources in our natural world.
Wyatt Glancy
Wyatt GlancyProduct Development & Sales
Wyatt’s knowledge of gaming and cards makes him a perfect liaison between the two worlds of play. He assisted with the card design and concept. Wyatt felt the cards should be fun, colourful and full of exciting information to engage youth with our natural environment. Currently studying Biotechnology at Brock University, he looks forward to growing the Creaturon Cards family to bring his love of nature into their homes.

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