Indian Peafowl Peacock

Indian Peafowl Peacock
Pronounced: Pa-voe kris-to-tus Order: Galliformes
Kingdom: Animalia Family: Phasianidae
Phylum: Chordata Genus: Pavo
Class: Aves Species: Cristatus

Although we usually refer to the whole species as peacocks, only the male peafowl is actually a peacock and has such colourful and extensive feathers. They are used as a display to show off to females. Females are called peahens. This is the national bird of India.
In the wild, these pheasants live in the trees and on the ground in deciduous forest and areas that have been cultivated, as well as near villages, in Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka. They will graze on an omnivorous diet of greens and insects during the day and nest high in the trees at night.

Males can be up to 8 feet in length and weigh 12 pounds. Females are smaller, with less colourful feathers and no train (long tail feathers). Females will make a nest in tall grass or thick forest cover by digging a shallow hole and lining it with leaves. She will lay 3 – 8 eggs and incubate them for about a month.

When they hatch, their mother will continue to take care of them for about 2 more months, showing them how to dig up insects and grubs for food with her claws and hard, strong bill. As they grow, they will learn to also catch and eat lizards and snakes, as well as supplementing their diet with fruits, seeds, and other vegetation. They screech loudly in defense and communication.


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