Creaturon Cards

There are 50+ unique hand-illustrated educational cards.
There are six Creaturon Cards per pack.
Please watch the videos below to understand how to play the game and how a teacher uses these as part of her science curriculum.





“I had the pleasure of using Creaturon cards as part of the Habitat and Communities unit in my Grade 4 classroom this year. It was wonderful to see my students’ enthusiasm for the cards themselves and the activities we did with them. They were highly engaged and lots of learning happened!

The cards are a wonderful tool to get students excited about animals, their habitats, how they are dependent on their habitats, the relationships between animals and more. I am very impressed by the amount of valuable information that is included on each card. Each card is filled with accurate, interesting and important information, a beautiful illustration and all in a layout that is well organized and attractive to students.

Each card has so many points for learning and discussion. I am excited to use the cards to a greater extent next year and to incorporate them into other subject areas such as Math and Language as well. My students keep asking when we are doing our next Creaturon activity!”

Ms. Cook, Grade 4 Public School Teacher

“We have three boys (7,5 and 3). I showed our eldest the cards tonight and how to play a couple of the games and he absolutely loves them. He loves sharks right now and was very excited to see a Great White Shark in one of his packets.

Our two eldest are bringing them to school and daycare tomorrow to show their friends. He has already asked me when he can get more! We have a membership at the Toronto Zoo and I think visiting the zoo frequently and playing this game will connect the two in so many ways and educate them so much about what is living around our world. Thank you for creating such a great educational game.”

Sara, Mother of three school-aged boys